About Trust Meditation

Simply said, It's a powerful energy healing technique allowing you to dive deeper within the self expressing a full body energy activation. Releasing emotional and physical blockages, helping you reconnect and harmonise your mind and heart.


A reminder who you truly are.


Our Vision

 Our vision is to make this world a better place to become beings of compassion and cooperation and not competitors nor victims of life circumstances.



My Story

Roberto Quintarelli is an Energy healing practitioner and founder of Trust Meditation.

A Self-Healing Activation

Trust Meditation is a powerful energy healing technique. A  transmission of energy is channeled allowing a full body energy activation.  


Long Distance

Trust Meditation Session

Long Distance healing reinforces the fact that all living things are interconnected ...


"Your body and psychi is an intelligent system which knows where it needs to go and look within. Held within the space of surrender, without judgment to self nor expectations, a reference point comes up for the process to flow. All you have to do is Allow."

Pi Villaraza



Conscious Leadership Coach.


IT Security Analyst


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