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Trust Meditation, the Meditation of Trust

All what we have is a reflection about ourselves. But everything, is just a THOUGHT.


Trust Meditation offers a variety of holistic health services from energy healing to personal coaching, corporate meditation and sound healing. We offer you tools and techniques to improve your emotional health and overall well-being. Moreover giving you back the power that resides within you.


Trust Meditation aims to harmonize the mind and heart to create a better energy flow. 


For optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, it is imperative that we balance and maintain our subtle energy bodies. This can include chakras, Meridian points, and a better

understanding of prana flowing in and through us.


We work to identify and clear energetic blocks caused by stress, worry, sadness, and other heavy emotions we may have difficulty processing. Basically making sure that the energy moves through the body unobstructed, leading to a better balance of mind and heart.

Our Personal Coaching Vision

We envision the world as a better place to live and remind ourselves who we really are. Through our personal coaching we guide others to bring out their best and most genuine selves. Furthermore, we do this through energy and sound healing.


We seek to become beings guided by compassion and cooperation, not victims of life. Choosing to foster healthy competition, a key element for inspiration and creativity.


Together we also strive to empower each other to respond to life's circumstances and events with awareness. This is by accompanying each other towards inner peace, love and spiritual growth. 

Spreading our personal coaching methods to as many as possible

Our vision becomes reality by building educational schools around the world that guide and teach how to improve and empower our Mind-Body connection.


Being observant of our thoughts and emotions, making the right and powerful choices, co-creating our future, taking care of our own physical and spiritual selves. Also showing love for our planet is our vision, and we believe it all starts within.



Long-distance healing reinforces the fact that all living things are interconnected... ...

"Your body and your psychiatry are an intelligent system that knows where it needs to go and looks within. Held in the space of surrender, without self-judgment or expectations, a point of reference emerges for the process to unfold.
All you have to do is allow"

Pi Villaraza

What Our Clients Say


At the moment that Roberto began to channel the energy, I felt that all the negative feelings and thoughts that were inside me were projected outwards with great force, like a ray of light. This was accompanied by uncontrollable movements of my entire body, such as uncoordinated twitches or spasms that went from head to toe. Since then, and after several sessions, I feel more present, and the love I felt, now I know it is inside me, reminds me of who I really am. I feel very grateful to Roberto. 

Rachel Benedict

IT security analyst

Image by Ellen Qin

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