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An Energy Activation: Energy Healing Meditation


Discover Trust Meditation: Unlock your Inner power and true potential with our energy healing.

Circumstances in your life can either empower you or make you feel like a victim. With Trust Meditation we help you take control of your personal development process.


Empower yourself and remind yourself of who you really are. You will find renewed inspiration, and discover an innate vitality and control that goes beyond your physical body.

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About the energy healing of Trust Meditation

It's not magic or miracle cures: Trust Meditation (TM) energy healing is a powerful and profound technique that will bring you a variety of benefits.


Activation occurs on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. SeekIing to facilitate personal growth and intuition.


Through our physical body, we act as a channel and transmitter of a higher frequency that can produce in the recipient a state of astonishment or surprise. This reaction is the result of the sensations and experiences that this universal force or intelligence brings.


For us, TM energy healing facilitates the connection with a higher frequency; when this occurs and is channeled, many positive results can take place. For example, it can help to overcome limiting beliefs and conditioning; it also allows us to dissolve emotional blocks and traumas. Moreover leading us to enjoy a deeper and more loving relationship with our true selves.

The Goal of Our Energy Healing Meditation

The goal of Trust Meditation is to break down limiting emotional and mental blocks. Moreover releasing or freeing up old or stored energies in certain parts of the body. In turn, allowing energy to flow freely in our physical bodies to then heal itself.


Each inner journey is unique and differs from person to person. You may experience intense and rapid sensations. These will manifest as cathartic experiences, spontaneous body movements, shaking, vibrations or 'mudras' performed with the hands and fingers. You may also notice changes in your breathing to become heavy or rapid or have visions of lights or other vivid images. Or you may experience laughter, coughing, emotions...


Other people, however, experience a sense of deep calm and go into deep meditative states. These states bring the participant into an unknown emotional state of wonder, peace, love, amusement or surprise, to name just a few possibilities.

There is a power that comes into and through you.The Positive Results

After Trust Meditation sessions, many participants have experienced rapid transformations. This includes them changing their diet or making changes in their work environment. They also tell us that they feel more connection and a deeper love within, that their physical pain has reduced or even disappeared. Also that their body has begun to open up to new experiences like never before. 


Other participants share with us that the need to start meditating has awakened in them. If the process is continued some can energetically self-activate and enter into deep meditative states. Also they can easily enter into deep connection when in a quiet environment or sacred spaces.


Although there isn't currently scientific research to define and explain our energy healing technique, we rely on the beneficial results to show the facts of our practice. Our method has been referred to as a Kundalini activation or

activation of kriyas.


Undoubtedly it is something so powerful that to understand it it needs to be experienced and felt from the heart. This is because the comprehension that can be reached through words is limited.

Trust the energy healing process

No two experiences are the same. Trust, surrender and allow the Trust Meditation process to do its work.


As a reprogramming of mind and heart is taking place, you will access a better version of yourself. You will experience the opportunity to express your true Self and learn how to fully embrace a planet overflowing with Love.




The power of healing vibrations

The whole universe is sound and frequencies. The whole world has its own energy, and the heart has its own melody. Every cell in our body has a special vibration and everything around us vibrates.


If we are out of balance, we are like a musical instrument out of tune. We need an impulse from outside to remind us of the melody of our own hearts. It is logical, therefore, that music has a great influence on us and that our system can be readjusted through the right sounds.


The healing power of music has been known in all cultures for thousands of years and is scientifically proven. The health benefits of sound baths, by leading you to deeper vibrations, could produce improvements in our general state as well as reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression.


Sound baths are a meditative experience during which a group of people lie down and listen to vibrating sounds produced by voice and ancient instruments. Each guided session lasts 60 minutes.

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The information and services offered on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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