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My name is Roberto Quintarelli and I was born in Melbourne (Australia) to an Italian father and a Spanish mother. I am a personal coach and energy healer, passions that came to me as an unexpected gift when I was working in a café-restaurant in Sydney in 2018.


It all happened when I was attending an energy healing workshop that caused my perception of the world and life to transform. I felt a sudden shift and a deep connection within me: a feeling of unconditional love, which I experienced as a flash of enlightenment. It lasted only a moment, just long enough for me to decide to take the steps that would change my life forever.


I began an unknown path full of uncertainties, while external circumstances rapidly unfolded in favor of a change. A deep need for grounding arose in me, and that is when meditation came into my life. And so, I began to listen to mantras as I went about my daily activities at home and, at the same time, the "language of light" began to manifest in me, a form of universal frequency that I channel through my voice (described by those who work with me as calming and soothing).

My career path took a 360-degree turn: I left Sydney after a few months and, seeking to find answers to a lot of questions that were swirling around inside me, I began a journey that led me to connect with the energy master Pi Villaraza, with whom I spent some time in the Philippines.


Through Pi's intuitive energy healing skills, my energetic body aligned in such a way that I felt an even deeper expansion: it was an intense movement of energy flowing within me, which turned my breathing fast and heavy and produced an impressive cathartic release that allowed me to release and heal unconscious emotional conflicts and traumas. The overall feeling was one of absolute peace, amazement and awe.


Over time I became detached from myself, which made me an observer of my reality and limitations: I could make better life choices, my faith was strengthened and a sense of humility grew as I recognized that I was connected to higher intelligence, to a higher power, higher than myself: I had the feeling of being guided towards my path, towards my mission.


All these experiences and many more led me to a path where I became a reiki master, coach and NLP practitioner, and were the basis for developing Trust Meditation.

My name is Michaela Haesch. I was born in Germany/Bavaria. I am a kinesiologist, sound and energy healer, yoga instructor and musician.


To truly live with myself, I follow the voice of my heart and do what makes me happy and alive.


In my early childhood years, I loved to sing, dance and move freely like the wind and I feel this heartfelt connection to mother earth. My love for the mountains and the strong connection to our beautiful nature is an important part of my life philosophy. I see it as a principle for all my activities to emphasize and touch the other heart.


For some years I lived in the USA until I moved to Austria/Tyrol, where I started my business in 2017 as a kinesiologist, sound healer and yoga teacher.

During this time I organized many workshops involving sound-fused breathing, meditation and hypnosis and also organized many 'cacao' ceremonies, sweat lodges and the 'shamanic healing boat'.


I received my kinesiology certificate from Ferdinand Gstrein and Willee Regensburger gave me my shamanic training certificate. And throughout the years I expanded my knowledge and training in ear acupuncture, mind healing and channeling from Claudia Fischhaber..., and I trained in aqua gymnastics with Christine Teutsch.

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