My Story

Roberto Quintarelli is an Energy healing practitioner, Reiki Master and founder of Trust meditation.


I was born in Melbourne, Australia, to a Spanish mother and an Italian father, and have lived back and forth between Australia and Madrid throughout my life.


At the age of 12, my family moved our life from Melbourne to Spain. This marked a significant turning point for me as I struggled to fit into the new country and school. 


At the age of 14 I chose to pursue a 5 year Chef career  through a vocational college. I will always be grateful for making that choice but at the time, disappointment was projected onto me because I was not conforming to societies  expectations which was attending high school in preparation for university, this led to personal fear of rejection and a sense of not belonging. Despite all this, I was determined to succeed and vowed not to let anything stop me.


I eventually returned to Melbourne and completed a Hotel Management Diploma.

This later led to a managerial position at a luxury hotel back in Spain.

Always on the move and always accepting my role as a student of life, my interest in personal growth  has brought me many experiences to know and heal myself at a deeper and spiritual level. A change in career from Hotel Management to studying acting triggered an understanding of my emotional blockages and led me to embark on a deeper journey of self-discovery.


Being in solitude was the key to my inner growth which included meditation and other solid techniques that helped me remember how to connect deeper into my mind and heart.

In 2018, my outlook and life changed forever.


I attended several energy healing workshops, it was a profound turning point in my life. I felt my old identity crumble away despite my ego's resistance to not wanting to let go. It was definitely unexpected and surprising, but it was there and then that I finally recognised the path I needed to follow.


This new journey required answers to many questions and led me to connect with Pi Villaraza, where I spent time with him in the Philippines.

At the hands of Pi I had many mystical experiences and deep profound energetic transmissions which led to a deep exploration and connection within.

These experiences along with ongoing subtle energy explorations, awakened in me the foundations and ability to facilitate Trust Meditation.



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