Trust Meditation
A self-Healing Activation

What is Trust Meditation?


Trust Meditation is a powerful energy healing technique.  Allowing you to dive deeper within the self expressing a full body energy activation.

Releasing emotional and physical blockages, helping you reconnect and harmonise your mind and heart. An Activation at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and facilitate intuitive growth.


Trust Meditation assists with:

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and conditionings

  • Clearing emotional blockages and traumas

  • Leading you to a deeper connection within

  • Re-programming heart and mind so you can live your highest expression

  • Peace

  • Clarity

  • A feeling of ecstasy

  • Experiencing unconditional love​​

With Trust Meditation when the subtle body field(body and mind) is influenced by the accelerated energies, it releases trauma and blocked pain, along with repressed memories and emotions. Many of the "conditions" as we know that are interwoven into the energy body, have shaped our human thought patterns. These fall away and neurones begin to disconnect and reconnect forming new pathways. Therefore our identification structure, how we think about who we are (our personality) begins to collapse, we begin to have more clarity of thought and make different empowering life choices.


An inward journey has commenced, where energy rising shift limited ego driven perspectives into heightened states of awareness. 

Some people call it Kriyas (divine power body movements) and others the awakening of the kundalini

During a Trust Meditation process some recipients might experience the following, due to the release of energy and the new shifts of information occurring in the physical body:

Involuntary spontaneous jerking movements of the body including vibrations, shaking or contraction, access to repressed memories or emotions associated with past traumas and injuries, some might experience doing hand mudras, yoga poses or feel sensations of hot or cold temperatures in the body, heavy or fast breathing may occur and others may have a cathartic release like weeping, crying or even laughter. These are just to name a few of the possibilities.

For some the experience can be a slow and steady transformation while for others it can be intense and immediate.

Our mind and body can often resist the loss of negative energy and it feels like it has a life of it’s own and it appears to fight back as its being released.

In this case some of the symptoms you may experience after the process are:

A feeling of being temporary drained of energy and physical body pain- A normal part of extreme relaxation - like if you had a deep massage.

Mood swings or mood fluctuations - such as anger, sadness, Joy. 

Flu-like symptoms that require a couple of days of rest.

Burping, abdominal bloating or other possible digestive issues

Vivid dreams or memory flash backs.

These symptoms indicate there has been a mental and physical energetic release and your body is adjusting to new information.

Drinking lots of water, meditating and getting lots of rest can help relieve these symptoms with ease.  And as you continue with Trust Meditation you’ll find that these symptoms cease to be an issue and wellbeing and transformation take place allowing new information to accommodate.


Trust, surrender and let go and allow the process do it’s work.


Trust Meditation needs to be experienced, it can not be described more thoroughly as we are dealing with a phenomena and each person experiences it differently.


In a nutshell you are reprogramming your mind and heart, leading you to explore a better existence and expression of your true self and a loving planet.

Trust Meditation is not magic nor a miraculous cure, it's an intuitive energy healing technique and will give beneficial results to those who experience it. Sometimes it will take time to gain any form of balance and other times it could take just a day. 


Role of the recipient 


Recipients need to come to the process with an opened mind, heart and spirit. The role of the receiver is to allow the healing with the intention and desire to be healed and need not believe that this works, but rather just hold the desire to be healed. The recipient neither needs to believe in god nor belong to any religion, he or she just needs to desire to be healthy and happy.

There is in the body, a current of energy, affection and intelligence, which guides, maintains and energises the body. Discover the current and stay with it...

Nisargadatta Mahataj


We do not tend to replace any western medicine nor are we a religion of any kind. 

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