Miqueas AranaConscious Leadership Coach

I have attended a lot of workshops, trainings, programs, festivals, spiritual and energetic events and have NEVER felt something so profoundly tangible like I feel in these workshops with Roberto. It is a body of work that is really incredible. Words cannot express what this being of light is doing. Really, it is so unique. Roberto is on his perfect path and you can tell that he is following an amazing gift by helping others. Through attending this workshop and merely being in the presence of Roberto your life will be changed. 


Raquel BenitoIT security analyst

The moment Roberto began to channel the energy, I felt  all the negative feelings and thoughts that were inside me were projected outward with great force, like a ray of light.

This was accompanied by uncontrollable movements of my entire body, such as contractions or uncoordinated spasms that went from head to toe.

Since then, and after several sessions, I feel more present, and the love that I felt, now I know is inside me, reminds me who I really am ..

I feel very grateful to Roberto. He is a wonderful person in all aspects and a great energy therapist.


César Guirao Fernández, Graphic Design

The results I obtained from TRUST Meditation were very positive. The messages of consciousness were very clear, due to hidden internal personal needs that I owe to myself.

The inner energy that awakens in the process is effective, producing a series of involuntary movements chained to the body, out of all logic.

My sincere thanks to Roberto for his generosity and dedication to the general good.