Miqueas Arana

Teacher, Conscious Leadership Coach, Reiki Practitioner


I have attended a lot of workshops, trainings, programs, festivals, spiritual and energetic events and have NEVER felt something so profoundly tangible like I feel in these workshops with Roberto. It is a body of work that is really incredible. Words cannot express what this being of light is doing. Really, it is so unique. Roberto is on his perfect path and you can tell that he is following an amazing gift by helping others. Through attending this workshop and merely being in the presence of Roberto your life will be changed. I am so sure that this work is going to be huge.

David Athie Cuervo

Financial Management


As I started a personal journey for spiritual understanding, I went to my first session of TRUST. I've personally never tried any formal meditation method before, however something inside me told me that this technique and Roberto's guidance were the right way to start. Since then, I've taken several TRUST meditation sessions with very clear results in my day to day life, going from conscious and clear decision making to the enjoyment of very small things in the present moment.  

It's difficult to describe until you actually experience it yourself. But at least in my personal experience, the activation of the Kundalini, the spiritual energy inside all of us, definitely changed how I perceive challenges in life now. It gave a sense of inner peace, and smooth clarity in my thoughts. 

Angelica Raduca



I have been to several TRUST meditation sessions . I can describe it as a journey of light. I felt like being inside a cocoon of energy, pulsating.

My body began to move to the rhythm of the music as if I were a tuning fork, and each area of my spine moved according to the sounds of the music. I coughed and sensed clouds of energy gathering towards my throat wanting to come out. I understand that these clouds are my emotions stuck in my body of light since my childhood or beyond. At the end of each session, I feel a lot of joy, love and peace and a desire to share. I have also realised that I am more anchored to the present moment and enjoy it with my whole being. Thank you ! THANK YOU! Hugs of light!

César Guirao Fernández

Graphic Design


My experience with TRUST meditation, arises from an internal search beyond the daily routine. At that time I touched on different techniques of personal growth such as Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, etc. In that search, I found Roberto and his TRUST self healing technique, and decided to try it. The results I obtained from his practice were very positive , at the end of the two sessions I did, the messages of consciousness were very clear, due to hidden internal personal needs that I owe to myself.

The inner energy that awakens in the process is effective, producing a series of involuntary movements chained to the body, out of all logic.

My sincere thanks to Roberto for his generosity and dedication to the general good.

Sofia Pascual

Human resources


Roberto's TRUST workshops and the awakening of the Kundalini energy has been an inner transformation at all levels. It came at a time of change and difficulties, where I felt lost, and going to his sessions allowed me, little by little, the opportunity to open my consciousness to other ways of facing life and rediscovering my being.

The release of  my emotions and feeling deeply moved in each session, like the ones after, where I enjoyed the movements of my body, have meant so much in my personal evolution that, together with the day-to-day work and the support from Roberto, allowed me till today to live more fully, happily and above all, a connection with my deep self.

Thank you very much Roberto for your generosity and for your teachings  you have given me !!

Raquel Benito

IT security analyst


The moment Roberto began to channel the energy, I felt a great ball of energy grow in my stomach  and rise to my head and down to my legs. I felt that all the negative feelings and thoughts that were inside me were projected outward with great force, like a ray of light.

This was accompanied by uncontrollable movements of my entire body, such as contractions or uncoordinated spasms that went from head to toe. I felt my consciousness inside my body and not in my mind.

This deep inner connection made me aware that I cannot change the things that happen to me in life, but I do have a choice how I feel about them. 

Since then and after several sessions, I feel more present at all times and that full love that I felt, that now I know is inside me, reminds me of what I really am ..


I feel very grateful to Roberto for transmitting all that energy and having awakened my inner self. He is a wonderful person in all aspects and a great energy therapist.

Ruth Kovalsky

Psychologist and Spiritual coach


The most important thing that TRUST has helped me so far has been to identify two important energy blocks that I had in my body, one that came from my female lineage and another from past lives; Another important effect I have had, has been to feel the energy in my spine like I have never felt before.

TRUST meditation is a wonderful journey that allows you to connect with the deepest part of your being, explore stored information that may be important for your own healing and evolution, but above all open your heart and feel the universal love ... that love that is expected to connect with it and that TRUST will help you open and connect.

Roberto is a person who has the gift, accompanies you throughout the process and cares about you and your experience from start to finish.

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